Monday, June 1, 2009

Runner's Digest- May 2009

While it's been some time, I have been moving, hitting the pavement here and there. My cool Nike watch, courtesy of HBG), has stored every run since Jan 09. And now, along with all the pre marathon day training, I have some post marathon runs saved. The data capacity on that device is incredible!

While I bailed on the Hyannis 1/2, we instead ran on the bike path and down Sippewissett on the Cape. I ran the charles alone and then Charles with the Somerville Road Runners last week for a 5.2 mi event. (43:39 digital nike/43:50 race clock)

Last night, I ran a 5K Road Race in Sharon, MA. A speedy co-worker who got me back into running along the charles when I moved to Boston joined me with her daughter. It was a great night. And boy, did her wheels keep me motivated. I crossed the first mile marker at 7:05. That time alone practically gave me a heart attack. But, no worries. Keep on keeping on, I panted. While the pace slowed, I am extremely proud to report that I crossed the finish line in 24:49 (official digital Nike watch time). I can't believe I broke 25 minutes. I am no speed racer. And, although it's subjective, I finished 5th in my age group. Yup, that's right. Those 20 and Forever 21's mostly ended up behind me. And the girl who finished 3rd. Well, skinny, mini her, just placed first in some race the other weekend. So la-ti-da!

One of my favorite parts of the course was at the end, running by the lake. Also memorable were the teen boys on their bikes. Young teens, still good kids, they cheered us on. Kid #3 also waved to me and then peed his pants(no lie) as he said, "my mom told me there'd be a race. So, that's why I'm here now. see?" Yes, kid. I SEE you. I see you pee.

Oh boy, let the tangental outbursts ring!

Boys and peeing has got to be a special phenomenon. While it's much cooler and easier to pee just about anywhere, last week, at the Cape where this two week running frenzy began we witnessed the best of the best. I think his mother is hoping he won't be an exibitionist, but I can attest he has it well under wraps.

We arrived on Friday, sat in the sun for a bit. Ate our sandwiches and beer. Along comes a Mom with her two girls who are likely aged 5 and 9. Mom is a jerkface, telling her kids that they're playing in muddy sand is "disgusting" and that they look ridiculous with a floating device anchored at their waist. For the record, as much as I'm not interested in mothering, Puhleez!! I don't think it matters if you look ridiculous while playinig, especially if the item making you look ridiculous is a life safing device...

I digress. Mom + 2 come along. Plop down and eat. Boy aged three with companion/brother/friend/neighbor, comes with him. They venture to the rocks, near where the girls our. Our good friend: boy aged three, drops his pants, faces the girls and pees.

Next, he runs with his pants, still down across to his mother, who has gotten up to prevent the disaster in the first place. (She is not a runner. at least, her shape suggested she was not). She says, "That is NOT the way you pee in the water!!" Then, he ran away from her. She apologies to us, to Mom B who probably thought the whole thing repulsive and then tries to capture, pants below knees boy.

The final scene has girl, aged 8 or 9 showing girl aged 5 the proper way to pee in the water.

For the record. I don't pee in the water or while running.

The end

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