Monday, January 5, 2009

Buon Capodanno!

And a Happy 2009 to all of you who don't read Italian!

The end of December as you may have noticed from my lack of entries was a busy time with traveling, running in a few different states, joining a gym to avoid the ice and brutal wind advisory and taking a day off now and then. I know I shouldn't admit it, but I'm just an honest girl. I can't help it.

Yesterday, I challenged myself to a hilly course on Cape Cod. I ran from the 1700m mark of the Cape Cod Marathon in Falmouth, right into Woods Hole. The hills my friends, were no joke. It makes me think about what Heartbreak hill will not only do to my heart but to my poor calf muscles and roaring hamstrings.

(courtesy of this cool new watch one of my biggest fans got me...)
4.2 miles of rOOOlling Hills
34:48 min

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The Madfoodcourt Crew said...


Looks like you are doing really well. Get them miles!