Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not a bad life at all

So, with this little snow drift covering the ice on the ground, I've really had enough of this little "winter wonderland" that Boston finds itself in presently. It has me thinking ALOT about Tulum and the wondrous time I had in Mexico. If I think I'm running beside the ocean, I can make the Charles River look like exceptionally prime real estate. (photo of me on the beach.)

The other upside of my delusions is that snow facilitates more cross-training. We all know, cross training is REALLY good for us. It is also boring. To add excitement to it all, I've started mimicking my friend Sara's brick training sessions as she prepares for a triathlon. Bike HILLS and then RUN. It is the best mental work out EVER-- not to mention the wonderful lead sensation in those thighs! (sometimes, It makes me think of Richard Simon's dancing to the oldies. I'm sorry. I had to reference him. had to!)

Lesson of the week is that cross training and dynamic stretching RULE. That hamstring extension that I've been suffering through for umm approximately 16 months..you know? hmmm, well, apparently, it does not hurt if I incorporate some leg swings right before I run and directly after I finish. Fancy that. So long ice baths! bye-bye! So long ibuprofen!... Hello mobility!

The ultimate test was when I ran that last leg of the Marathon Route on Sunday. I got dropped off in Newton/Wellesley and ran 9.5 miles home in 1:26:35. (9 min mile) While this isn't phenomenal time, I'm not ashamed considering the hilly course and I had no idea where I was going as I navigated ice patch after ice patch. I feel really GOOD about training.

Lastly, I send a beauty-pageant, hand-cupped, statuesque wave to my fans for their support, encouraging words and donations. Grazie mille!

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