Tuesday, February 24, 2009

20 miles

This weekend, The Absolutely Fabulous Four were scheduled to run the Hyannis Marathon relay. At the beginning of the month, A friend was injured and left the team. That was okay-- I'd make the relay less of a recovery run and more of a work out. 13.1 is a fun challenge. Done.

Well, not so fast, (sorry for the pun), Runner #2 has a conflict that he learns of days before the race. No problem. I'll just run three legs. A challenging training run...

Yeah. Sucker that I am. It was good for me I suppose. Really good physically to see how I could handle it, but mentally, it's another whole game. That was the biggest lesson. Sure, my hamstrings are tight and I feel like I sprained my ankle but at the end of the day, I'm fine. Better than fine. And, I'll have another great attempt at 22 miles before the marathon in March.

Stay tuned!

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