Wednesday, April 29, 2009

26.2 and still RUNNING!

This morning I ran for the first time since I ran through the finish line on 4.20.09.

Warming up slowly and then three minutes into the actual course, finding the hill up Central St. and then onto the bike path, I sustained a 8:40 pace on this 5K course. So smooth after last Monday. I'm buying time. I've got to train for the next fun run. sick right? like that song Jesse's girl that I listened to. Just gets you pumped for all the wrong reasons...

I began 4.20.09, a few hours shy of my actual birth minute on a bus from Park Street out to Hopkinton. No anxiety, probably due to not getting enough sleep since there was plenty of anxiety the night before, I chit chatted with the woman sitting next to me. She was running Boston as her second marathon, she qualified during her first. I'm not jealous, just impressed, mind you.

The further the bus went, the more worried I became. Really? they want me to run from here? a straight shot home? Really? hmmm. But tens of thousands of people are gonna do it. Sure they're fast. Sure they qualified. Sure they are awesome runners. But still, Why not me? I only ran 3 and sometimes 2 days a week for the past 4 months. "sure ya can," I hear a little sweet pea tell me when I ask her to clean up. There's nothing like empowerment from a 3 1/2 smarty pants. Sure I can. And of course, I do.The fan club met me at Mile 6 when I still looked good. Word to the wise, If you have fans, make sure they see you early on. You wanna look happy in the photo shoot. At this point, I also notice a stream of texts wishing me well. HOLLA Back at you, kids.

(You might think I'm walking but I've actually arrived 55 minutes from take off. On target.)

Of course, shortly after, I fell off target. Precisely, two miles after the photo shoot. Now, I was prepared to get hung up around mile 9. I like running 9 miles. I don't like running 10. I like running 13 miles, I don't like running 10. But, on many occasions, I've made it from mile 9.5 to mile 13. No such luck this time. I started walking at mile 11. BALLS. Sometimes, it just is what it is. I had a happy go lucky guy hand me some water and then scream my name-- he knew me. we were friends. And for some reason, I felt no need to keep up appearances.

I got myself to Wellesley College and here I give a shout out to all the 7 sisters. The remarkable making of an extraordinaire womanhood. You can hear those fans cheering on the windy, winded-wooded path even before you see them. I was "Beware of the Noise" as suggested. Signage is good. As expected, (as reputation permits) those women were all looking for their husbands. "Give me a kiss" was written everywhere. Odd that you have to inform a Women's college that WOMEN were permitted access to run in the 60s. I dunno. Maybe Hillary shared with her almamater the legacy that its okay if to kiss someone else's husband as long as they don't tell-- it is a marathon for crying out loud. woo, the stress. And for the record, Kathrine Switzer was the first official entrant to challenge this all boys club. HELLO, ladies.

But for all the morality, the energy can move you and carry you right through down town Wellesley, into Wellesley heights and into newton falls. the 95 overpass was next and then Wellesley-Newton Hospital and Allison and Amy at DF's stand. The Smith connection lives on.

A co worker met me at mile 14 as I was swinging out my hamstring. Way to go dynamic stretching. Then Team BMC tent and up half way each hill, to heartbreak hill. I saw the second BMC crowd and this time, yes, I was walking because really, that 's the point where if someone wants to argue with you, you can tell them to suck it in the most creative ways.

A note on cheering-- no i don't want you kids to hand me grubby oranges out of the peel and no, your telling me I'm almost there is a lie- at Mile 1 or mile 16. You're not helpful.

But I made it, I made it to Cleveland Circle, to the Publik House and then Coolidge Corner, to Leah (her mother went to Smith). One of my greatest fans met me and we ran/walk/trotted up the final 3 miles up Comm. And at the 1 mile marker when I really didn't think I could run, a voice called out by the train "Hey Devon!" That's right. Sarah G had it going on. Another Smithie! Talk about a network. Talk about love.And then, as it were, I made it. I crossed the finish line, 45 min later than I wanted to and 35 minutes later than I expected to. (4:45:56) It's okay, you know why?I do yoga. I've got peace. Well..AND... 'Cause I just registered for the Philly Marathon!!! HOLLA at me! Another homecoming of sorts. Let November come after a nice, long, warm, beach filled summer. While I appreciate that I raised close to $4,600 for a great institution, don't worry, I'm only raising money this time for my personal bank account.

All checks can be sent to my home address. This is for love of the game.


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