Monday, April 13, 2009

One more week!

I know, I know, you're like-- "what happened to Devon? What type of blogger is she? Did she leave us for twitter?" No, no, no. I'm still here. I've just been spending more time hitting the pavement and less time typing away. I apologize to my loyal fans.

But I have record good news. Three weeks ago, I ran the longest I ever have an awesome 21 miles with Team BMC. I can't tell you how amazed I was that I had made it. And, chaffing aside, I up for a walk around the Charles that evening. I did the most hill repeats I've ever done and then did some yoga afterward. I also completed my final long run (8.6 miles at an 8 min mile pace) and was SHOCKED by that, too. I will take seriously, the free advice I've been getting not to start too fast next Monday.

This tapering business though has me nervous. I hope it will work out. I hear the first 10 miles are supposed to be the easiest 10 miles I've done in my life. I'm counting on it. With 7 days left, I've got new shoe laces in my Brooks, the clothes all picked out, new socks and plenty of anxiety until my 27th birthday! I've raised almost $4,000 including pledges and am hoping those last minute birthday well wishes pull me closer to my goal.

Of note too, is that I'm taking part in a medical study that looks at the tendons of the quad (knee area), patella and achilles for tension before, a week after and two weeks after the marathon. So far, my unscientific study has shown that yoga helps.

One more week until take off, I'm happy to have you with me anywhere along the route.

Start planning to be at the BMC tent (so I can find you) at miles 15 and right above heart break hill. Other friends will hang out at coolidge corner where I expect to need tons of encouragement. More updates and a post party drinking hole location to come!

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