Thursday, September 10, 2009

A week in review

I am completely, absolutely and utterly exhausted. Obama just came to turn up the heat and well, I'm thinking I will too. I'm even thinking that perhaps I WILL start running four days a week. My hamstring still throbs every now and then, but it seems the more I run- read either the more tight I get or the stronger I get, the better it seems. Tonight, I ran the final summer race series at the Marsh Post on the Charles. Tons of fun. 4.2 miles in 33 minutes according to official time. I am happy with the time and felt good. I will gripe and say: Darn blast it that I was slowed down when first my left shoe lace came undone and close to the end, the right un-did itself.

Going back in time a week. I spent vacation lounging and getting great morning runs in. And that blissful route on the bike path and by the bird sanctuary has me + some other good people inspired to run the Cape Cod Marathon relay in October. So, in between a great friend taking us out on his hand crafted boat, biking around the Vineyard, and doing yoga on the beach, I managed some runs. The Shark sightings off Falmouth, and the seals doing tricks certainly had the adrenaline pumping. Of course, the BBQs, lobster bisque and lobster rolls, tons of cheese and multiple trips to the market probably had an averse affect on maximizing my potential time in the scenic hot spot.

A long run, .5 short of my aim did a wide loop to Woods Hole and back. 9 miles that began on some rolling hills and finished on the flat bike path took 1:24:43.

Monday and Tuesday followed with a 4.4 mile run in 41:08 and then a 2.29 run in 21:17. Today's run make a nice hat trick of the first week of back-to-school. When classes begin, I'm going to really need to de-stress. Here's to new running goals for September!

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