Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mad Mission

Unlike last week's long run, I had no willing company for the route. I did, however, manage to run a mile more holding the same pace. I came in at 1:20:14 at the 8.49 mile mark fresh off the Minute Man Bike Path. A shout out to Arlington despite their silly blue laws. Good stuff but I can't believe that I once ran 18 miles- not to mention that April attempt at 26.2. A co-worker and runner extraordinaire just ran 16 miles this weekend: I'm in awe. I'm happy with how I feel and I'll know I'll get there in November, but I envy her determination.

We see what we want to see right? (right now I'm envisioning VT home of sweet childhood memories- see left.) So it's fitting that I feel like I've been slacking off. I ran once last week. 4.1 door to door because I was busy most mornings and running here and there in the afternoons. When I did run on Wednesday morning, it was a great run. A personal run to remember. I felt strong and confident. There is no better moment than the pride that comes from finishing strong. Heh, who knew my motto during college was "just finish. Often done is better than good!"

Which is something to convince me that I signed up for this Mission '09 #2 with reason. To attain personal satisfaction at the end of the day is a beautiful thing and running is one of the few ways I'm conquering these days. I am more determined, each time I set out, to run my own race.

Sure I'm competitive but it's on my own terms. H gets pumped each time there's a race. He loves the excitement and thrill of running with the pack. As noted in a previous post about the F Road Race- more often, I am inclined to kill the pack. Still, there is something to be said for having a running partner, signing up for some summer fun runs (I've done five short races this summer and had a PR in a 5K-this decade at least). But most days, I don't want to run with anyone, I don't want to talk. I don't want to gab. I don't want to listen to someone else's huffing and puffing, I don't want someone to say "good job" at 6:30am as I run up one of the god forsaken somerville mountains.

Some insight on the psychology of sport please? Envious as I was of Taylor's FH team (see photo of team's biggest fan) and the sense of team, my personality is that of a runner. The team may be stronger than the individual but I'd rather have my own shit rubbed in my face than that of 12 other teammates.

Hmm if that's the case, I better get to on the training. As for a time commitment, this upcoming week will again be challenging BUT I'll be hitting the path in Cape Cod several times at the end of the week to make up for lost time at the beginning of the week.

With the lack of sticking to a solid schedule, I wonder why it was so important to me that I run a marathon, no matter how "fast" of a course, but that I ran a marathon, so that I could say I finished with a respectable time. And now, I can't seem to stay on track. Of course, while the psychology is something to explore, there's also a physical opposition. I'm finally going to the MD to see about this hamstring situation.

I suppose, if nothing else, this Mad Mission will just keep raising the bar. Heck last time this year I was having fun in VT but I didn't look as sexy on the beach. (last year berry picking & sitting happy) Just sayin'. It's all relative baby. Today is all that matters. (eww I'm just throwing dogma at you 2 weeks in a row!)

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