Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wake up and Smell the Coffee

When I was a kid, I used to take the Bus. You know, a short bus. Now, while some of you might think I rode with the "best and brightest", the opposite was true. Twas no SpEd pick up for me. My little Quaker School is where I got smaht but due to their cash flow problems, (and the geographic diversity of the student body), we got short buses.

Mr. Atkinson, an OLD man, ancient to any 5 year old, drove the bus during kindergarten. He drove it up until the 4th grade or so and he was constantly yelling and screaming at kids to "Shut up will ya?" or "Jesuschrist you're gonna murder me with all yous screaming." His South Jersey dialect was creme de la creme. He also Yelled at Seth everyday. Seth, a classmate of mine, used to each ranch flavored Doritos or some gross tastykake (viva la philadelphia) everyday on the bus. Then, fall asleep or something. Atkinson would yell, "Damnit Seth- would you wake up and smell the coffee??? get off the bus, will ya?" And Seth would lethargically get up and drag his book bag, starter jacket and other cool kid accessories off the bus.

Motivation is hard to come by but getting your butt up from a nice slumber is definitely most challenging. this morning was C-O-L-D and although I planned to do an easy run + hills, I could not get out of bed. I hit snooze for 45 minutes. I don't drink coffee.

The good news is, I got out of bed.

It was the first morning where I ran with gloves. This is history in the making. 5 months, and a day to go.

As some of you have asked, you can check our my donation page to make your donation for me (Team BMC- Devon Wilson-Hill) now, or can wait awhile and I'll give you a direct plug and play.

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