Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekly Top 20

11AM yoga
1PM lunch
3PM snack-Tofutti ice cream sandwich
3:05PM RUN

hurt hamstring+swollen ankle+ice and wind=4.22 miles/ 39 min
Consistent with my time on most mornings this month.
Tomorrow will be my first relative "long run".

Good run today for the conditions. Slow, but steady. Although, the playlist really helps. Any advice for the DJ?

In full disclosure, without shame...

Today's top 5:

N.O.R.E- Oye Mi Canto
Mos Def & Talib Kweli- Re:Definition
Kanye- Through the wire
New Found Glory- The Glory of Love
Mos Def- Ms. Fat Booty



Jourdan said...
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Jourdan said...

I removed that comment because I spelled your name wrong. Sorry - I have a cousin Devin who I now call/write as Devon because of you, and I was trying to gear up for T-Day, but did the reverse. Anyhow. I made you a copy of my running mix, which got me through a number of cold cold Somerville mornings. It's a bit dated, as I stopped running Summer 2007, but I think it's still a good one. I'll leave it at the S. End studio for you.

Wendy Wunder said...