Monday, November 24, 2008

On Track

I woke up an hour late to do the looong run so it wasn't quite "long." Still, it's the farthest I've ran since training began. Deficit: time was only a few minutes longer than what I've been running. I've got to do better next weekend. Speed is at least coming back to me. Perhaps I just have to run against the wind before I time myself. Consequentially, I am getting things done; my self-efficacy is really paramount. Really.

moderate course
5.2 miles
44 min/8.7 min mile (6.8 mph)
mood: "feeling good/feeling great/i look good/don't hate"

still icing my hamstring. let me tell you, cold baths--when you don't have a whirlpool are NOT F-u-n. I assure you, however, that my telling you about stumbling into the tub filled with ice water and the dramatics that ensue, including what comes out of my mouth is likely, the highlight of my sister's day.


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