Saturday, March 7, 2009

Esplanade meet Sr. Sanz, ("Con mucho placer")

Many years after the fact, I am not ashamed to admit that I did indeed purchase Alejandro's CD 'mas' directly after it was released. I went to El Corte Ingles in Alicante. The basement housed the department store's music collection. I went and paid homage alonge with cash dues to this lyrical genius knowing that after my short lived love affair with the backstreet boys, ( I saw their concert in Barcelona) I would be truly devoted to this man. It was the tumultuous spring of 1997 and I needed these ballads in my discman like no other 16 year old girl.

I would run, one of the only people running in Alicante, through the city, along the waterfront lined with palm trees and past the ocean. That's where I learned the lyrics to Mas, alternating Mariah with Alejandro for variety.

A decade later, I'm still willing to admit that Mas continues to have fair play time in the car's CD player. That says alot. While I spend roughly 40 hours a week at work, I spend most of the rest of that time, running, doing yoga or in my car. Ira Glass and Terry Gross may get honorable mention but Senor Sanz still holds his ground.

So why the post about this Spaniard?

Sure, he quickly faded from the scene after his duet with Shakira. She permitted him a spot, (for marketing) on her Tortura CD. In the US we know Ricky Martin and the father and sons, Eglesias, but Alejandro Sanz isn't as pop culture. Too bad. Because this was the first day I've trained for the marathon that I've taken to the full extension of running on the Charles. From Harvard and Cambridge Port, down the MoS, through the Esplanade, back over the Mass Ave bridge to Trader Joe's. It was a 90 minute run against the wind. And this lyrical genius popped into the shuffle and a jolt of adrenaline shot through me. Sure I was listening about the woes of a heartbroken man but what poetry! True stories of a successful playist.

Someone on YouTube even gives you the translation: Si Hay Dios...

...Lloraré si se llorar
como el tímido rocío de un clavel en mi soledad
estaré, todos se irán, ya lo sé

a tu lado en cada golpe iré
como lo hacen las orillas y la mar
como lo hace el campo y el agua que lloverá.

Podría ser más educado
pero el alma sólo entiende de emoción
y si hay Dios seguro entiende de emoción.
Podría haber llorado un mar de lágrimas saladas
arrojarme a los abismos y partirme en dos el alma
desatar la tempestad y el huracán de mi garganta
y confesar desesperado que no puedo con mi rabia
aunque mi actitud no es hoy tan evidente, no puedo sufrir más.

Que el dolor cuando es por dentro, es más fuerte...

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