Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness

Last Saturday's long run (3/14) to this past Saturday (3/21) has marked the best week of my training to day. Two long runs, one the complete Charles River loop and the other, on the Marathon course from Wellesley and then to the South End/South Boston line were two of the best runs eva-eva. I felt good, my form was strong and I had a little left in me at the end.

This final month is certainly fully of surprises. Spring is here, sunshine and the forecast void of snow for consecutive days, the kids are skateboarding, the sirens are blaring and the preppy kids downtown have on flip-flops...without socks.

Emotionally, every day is different. I'm overjoyed and excited. The next day, free radicals are flying. Craziness, jittered and wild, anxiety takes over. Then, I'm back to being unbelievably amazed that there are only 29 more days to go. I'm sure my emotive schizophrenia isn't hurt by the b ball tourney. The first day of spring was historical and great! Last Friday's game Eastern TN and Pitt...then Siena and OH state. Amazing games. Event Gonzaga and W Ky. This is powerful athleticism. I find it most inspiring that the fight lasts until the last second. I hope I can take that away with me come Marathon Monday. Until then, I plan on enjoying some more fiery competition from the comfort of my living room.

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