Monday, December 1, 2008

Food for Thought Dinner

Every year, the Monday before Thanksgiving, some of BMC's most generous philanthropists raise money for the Preventive Food Pantry and the patients in the Grow Clinic. Last week we gathered to celebrate the successes and perseverance of the clinic that treats Failure to Thrive. Below is a story of one of the Grow Center patients.


From birth, Michael had difficulty gaining weight. Multiple hospitalizations and surgery to repair a heart valve did not give him the necessary energy to grow, and at almost 8 months old, he weighed what a normal 3-month-old weighs. His health was compromised because his family was essentially homeless.

With a referral from the Grow Clinic staff, Michael’s mother Toni secured a temporary apartment through the Shelter Program. Toni is using nutritional and social services provided at the Clinic and through home visits, and the additional support of the Food Pantry and supermarket vouchers to ensure sufficient food resources for Michael.

At 16 months, Michael still only weighs what a normal 7 ½-month-old should, but he has been gaining weight and has not been sick. Additional calories are beginning to help his muscles develop so he can learn to stand. He is still vulnerable, but there is hope yet that he will thrive.

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