Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mother : Daughter

Today, Team BMC had their first long run. It's what I've been working towards for the past month. I had to be able to hold my own. The beginners were running 6 miles, the intermediates 8. I am a fast learner, but I didn't want to push my luck; this is my first marathon. Instead, however, I slept in for a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and a Power yoga class. This afternoon, I hit the pavement. Next week, I'll meet the team. cross my heart <3.

So, while mom ran 5.5 miles, I came in at 7. We started running at the same time and she called me when she finished. (If anyone else wants to do a duel city run, I'm always game and will accommodate your schedule.) My personal update then is as follows; you can search for my course by name.

7 miles high
3:36 pm
6.92 miles
57 min (8.2 min mile/7.2 mph)

My hamstring hurts and although I don't have to do any product placement in this blog, I will 100% vouch for Alleve, an ice bath (I perfected one leg in, one let out. investing in a bath pillow helps) and Ghiradella chocolate chips. All great post run remedies.

Contribute to BMC and make me accountable!

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kristen marie said...

Here's a little product placement for you---Topricin. AMAZING. I use it for everything now, joints, bruises, sore muscles. It's magical, and I think it's on sale on their website. And it doesn't smell gross like Ben-gay or Icy/Hot (though I kind of find those smells comforting lol). Good luck!!!