Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Kick Off to Summer Fun Runs

I've been getting it on the pavement even though I've not been consistent here.

This weekend we ran on the bike path towards Woods Hole after breakfast. That proved to be a very stupid idea. Somerville had sent an advisory to its constituents, warning us of a heat advisory and asking us to check on our elderly neighbors. But still, wanting to get miles in, I thought, only the elderly without central air or ocean breezes might suffer from the heat. Ha, I was young and ignorant. It was sweltering- like sweat droplets everywhere. and by everywhere I mean everywhere. The chaffing heros would have given a standing ovation.

Hans, his sister and I ran the bike path, passed the ocean, and then into the shade before turning around. We set a good pace, all of us running strong. I ran solo the last stretch but only because I told myself that I could turn around only once I got into the shade. Mind over common sense: I'm seeing how well I can manipulate this psychology of my sport.

Yesterday, I ran after work. Running after 10AM is kind of kicking my ass and is, without apology, flipping obnoxious. No wonder you see men with their shirts off and gut hanging out, across the Charles and cutsie girls, the collegiate type in their pastels looking more cute than than buff out at 5pm.

Tonight there's another local race on the Charles to be followed by a nice cold beer and then I'd like to promise myself to get my ass out of bed and run in the morning. That is when running is quite, quite, nice. This weekend in Chi-town will be a start. My first "long run"... I have a half marathon coming up at the end of next month. I gotta start kicking it.

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