Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When the World is Ugly but There's no Thunder: Run.

I wonder if there's a saying that goes something like: If you're unhappy with your life, RUN. scratch that. If the 9-5 sucks: RUN. Hmmm. If you only live in your dreams, Run through your days. Oh CHEESE!

I borrowed inspiration for that last one from @sheamusburns. I too had a glorious dream last night. I was in Italia with La Relli su una strada piccolina, piccolina vicino a Santa Croce. It was one of the best dreams I've had in awhile. All my italian was not lost: I was fluent, they understood me. I understoond them and we laughed!! It was an amazing flow of conciousness and subconciousness. It was so real, almost tangible that I woke up singing in Italian. I'm going back anyway I can and while I don't think I'll stay, I'm gonna get there fast.

All this about dreams and finding that sweet bliss outside of the tedious, monotoneous boredom of the sterile brain, because I figured a few things out yesterday.

I ran along the Charles in the evening which was interesting for two reasons. First, I never run after work. If I did, I would never run, period, basta. Second, I ran on the chic side of the river, the beloved esplanade near Beacon Hill. So of course, there were lots of dogs sporting as accessories and that boston pandilla of white people everywhere. On the "muddier" side that I normally skip on, I see fat, skinny, baby stroller, pushing men, women, blondes, brunettes, and fuglies. I see it all co-existing. If not amiably as Prof. Gates would remind us. But on the desirable high rent side, I saw the Boston Type I. Dude, if Westchester is going to desegregate when will the metropolis of Boston start synthesizing the D&Gs with Tiffany blue???

To task. The point, lost somewhere up there. Is that despite my dull day and the inspipid pedestrians bottle necking the esplanade, I found my groove. It came after strong mental resistence, several watch checks and a tear of sweat burning my eye. But when it came, my mind detached from my body to the point where ironically, my mind, body and soul (had to do it) were all integrated perfectly. I smiled even though I was sans ipod. I was walking on sunshine.

It was a moment of: "I can do it" said in my sister's best bravado. I even passed a skinny young thang, too. I will get in shape and do well this november. Just watch me keepin on!

3.93 mi/35:59:16

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dsanderson said...

When Fra and I did the run of our little triathlon, a woman running in the opposite direction shouted "The sun is shining for you today!" Now whenever I think of stopping I remember her. The sun is shining for you, Devon! Although with the weather in Boston, I'm not sure you can say this often...