Friday, August 21, 2009

Do that Twist, Shake it up Baby!

Well, not really. I was thinking of James Brown when I signed up for the road race but instead, a band that covers 200 Beatles songs, showed up. And let me tell you, they weren't doddy at all. It probably helped that they weren't wearing James brown wigs.

I had some companions on the run which made running in the blistering humidity that much more appealing despite my hatred of races. I only like competition on my own terms otherwise I am likely to opt out unless I'm pissed off. Then there's no limit.

But last night, it was refreshing to be on a course knowing that there were diehard good doobies who I actually liked even though they are all more committed than I am to the sport. Love the burn as I do, lasidaisical is my middle name.

To the point: I, who is seldom on time, arrived early to survive the race. I started out a bit too fast but reigned it in, walking three times and finishing with a race time of 35:30 and no vomit on my shoes. My own, accurate timing device clocked in at 34:20 so there. Of course, I was notch #403. While I'm darn proud of that speed, 402 people have pick up for me to contend with. Next month I want to at least be in the 300s. Inshallah. This is why I'm racing before Philly right? Feeling good an having fun while I'm at it.

This morning, as part of the post recovery, mid week race, I woke up to do the hottest, stickiest slip-n-slidiest yoga of my life. A Basics class turned wild with beads of sweat rolling into my eyelids, slipping down into my ears and squeaky sounds coming from the mat. I was soaked everywhere. EVERYWHERE!- this blog isn't' for the kids, I should have warned you. But of course, validity for the effort. The practice was worth it. Yoga is awesome for runners. Check out this article.

And now, I'm signing off. Good luck and good weekend, homies. Don't let the long run win!

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